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Serpentine Keilberg ist ein studentisches Projekt zur Stadtweiterentwicklung im Regensburger Norden und ist noch bis zum Sonntag den 06.08.2023 im M26 in der Regensburger Maximilianstraße ausgestellt.


Jessica Hopp_Julius Schönberger

„Regensburg is surrounded by landscape. living in a new district directly connected to landscape and topography leads to new questions and requires new answers.

questioning the well known and popular sustainability slogans „sealing is bad“ „building with wood is always good“ by checking the facts, calculating the global warming potential or comparing the infiltration values, leads to a new understanding of material and environmental impact.

the site, with the quarry and clay pit nearby, already leads to a specific direction of buliding sustainable models and buildings – bound to the ground.“


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